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I help women get unstuck, discover their God-given Purpose and CONFIDENTLY pursue their dreams.

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What I Offer

Certified Life Purpose Coach

As a Life Purpose Coach Shelley is able to hone in on exactly what is keeping you stuck and unable to achieve success in your career, relationship and/or personal development.


Shelley writes from a place of love, encouragement and honesty.  She’s able to give truth and self-reflection, all without judgement.


When Shelley speaks the room grows. Every listener to one of Shelley’s dynamic talks is sure to leave feeling inspired, empowered and challenged for greatness.

What I Do

 Shelley Meche’tte is extremely passionate and dedicated to the empowerment of women through strategized personal and professional development

Publications & Recognition

"I was at a point in my life where I was trying to find my purpose. I was all over the place with putting my passion and ideas together. I reached out to Shelley and through exercises, she was able to pull my thoughts together and help me find my niche. She was very honest and respectful in her approach and made sure I was clear with my vision. I applied the tools that she shared with me and I’m now pursuing my purpose with confidence!"

Ashley Caprice, Radio Personality/Podcast Expert

"Wow! I'm so excited I actually have a strategic plan!!! I learned that I need to get specific. Not only was I able to make a plan, but now I know how to strategically plan other future endeavors. Shelley Meche'tte is incredible!!!"

Chevondalyn Jackson, Plus Size Model/Body Positive Advocate

"Shelley has played a pivitol role in my success. She is great at pulling out the very best in people; encouraging them to live their best life. Whenever I work with Shelley, she takes a unique hands on approach that speaks to both my personal and professional development goals."

Brittney Carter, Founder/CEO QUE-UE, Inc

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