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About Shelley

As a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Speaker and Women’s Change Agent, Shelley Meche’tte is extremely passionate and dedicated to the empowerment of women through strategized personal and professional development.  She is the author of 70 Days of Happy: Life is BETTER When You Smile and PowHER Minds: Reflective Thoughts Designed for the Everyday PowHER Woman and her Legacies.  She is also the founder of the women’s organization, The PowHERful Woman. 

Shelley speaks LIFE into women, challenging them to take responsibility for the actions of the person staring back at them in the mirror, while reminding them of the fact that they are MORE than just their physical appearance.  

Shelley believes that broken women raise broken girls who become another generation of brokenness.  Therefore, she offers the success tools needed for women to break that cycle and live a life of confidence, self-assurance and purpose!

Shelley specializes in decluttering the thoughts of her clients, connecting their gifts/talents to their passion; providing them with a successful Purpose Plan and personalized Life Strategies.  

Shelley has graced the stage, sharing her message of personal accountability and wholeness on various platforms, such as The PowHERful Woman, Black Women Rock Nationally, Woman II Woman, Hey Girlfriend Luncheon and more.  

Some of her features have included Bustle, Ask Men, Voyage LA, The Daily Boss, UpJourney, OppLoans, Rewire and the cover of the online magazine, Glambitious. She has also had the pleasure of being seen on The Chundria Show and The YES! Show

Shelley Meche’tte is an ordained Minister.  She has been married since 2002 and is the mother of two gorgeous LEGACIES (daughters)!

The PowHERful Woman

The PowHERful Woman was created  to empower, inspire and educate women from all walks of life; reminding EVERY woman that she is POWERFUL…valuable and unique, with MORE to offer than just her physical appearance.

The PowHERful Woman gives women permission to love themselves…take responsibility for the decisions made, and regain relinquished control in their lives, while providing PowHERful tools to assist them in walking towards and achieving such goals.

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